New Modern Slavery Research Centre

On the 9th July 2019, the government announced the launch of a £10 million modern slavery research centre. The ‘Policy and Evidence Centre for Modern Slavery and Human Rights’ should aid efforts to tackle modern slavery and expose the true scale of modern slavery and trafficking networks in the UK.

This comes in the wake of the Independent Review of the Modern Slavery Act and the governments response to it. The Independent Review listed recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the 2015 Act. It’s main focus was on four different topics: transparency in supply chains, the role of the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, the Act’s legal application, and the safeguarding of child victims of Modern Slavery. View the full report here.

This research centre is a step in the right direction and shows the UK’s growing commitment to tackling modern slavery and making sure that we are adequately informed and equipped to put an end to this dehumanising crime.

This has the potential to shut down large trafficking networks, improve transparency in supply chains and prompt compliance with legislation. A key aspect of this fight against modern slavery is information gathering. With the right information and action as a results of this information, we can end modern slavery. This centre will bring together knowledge and expertise from NGOs, policy makers, businesses, lawyers and victims. With everyone’s combined effort and the drive to implement all that we learn and gather, we can gradually move towards a future where all are free.

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